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A Private, Nurturing Education

One School. Many Paths.

Long Island’s Only School for Dyslexia and Reading Disorders

One School. Many Paths.

Anxiety, ADHD/ADD

One School. Many Paths.

General Education

One School. Many Paths.

International Students

One School. Many Paths.

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Why Journey Prep?

Journey Prep School (formerly Sappo School) is a New York State Regents approved, non-religious private K-12 college preparatory school.
Centrally located in the heart of Long Island, Journey Prep has a 25-year proven track record of educating students from all parts of Long Island and abroad.

We pride ourselves on consistently and successfully educating “the whole child" while being directly aligned with our motto “One School. Many Paths.”

Our students thrive and succeed in Journey’s welcoming and nurturing environment, interactive classrooms with a focus on STEAM
and a project based curriculum, and small class sizes (maximum of 15 students per class, some with two teachers per class).

Journey's model is a proven success for those students who benefit from individualized and personalized instruction, including those with
Dyslexia and Language Based Learning Differences, Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, International (ENL), and General Education students who may
not be succeeding in a larger class setting.

We provide a high-level of college preparation beginning in 8th grade, giving Journey Prep School students a solid foundation
for acceptance into the top Universities and Colleges.

Our Curriculum

Journey Prep School is registered and approved by the New York State Regents Department. Journey Prep School features  curriculum based on New York State standards. Adding Educative Holism to the  traditional definition of curriculum allows us  to guide the student more personally toward  his or her future. Learn More

Highlights That Make Journey Special

Small Class Sizes

Maximum of 15 students in all classes, some with two teachers, is the essence of Journey. The national average of students in a classroom is 30-40 but here at Journey, we average 10-12. What a difference that makes.

Multisensory Reading Curriculum

All students in our reading program achieve proficiency in reading, spelling, and writing through our proven instructional program, customized from the research-based Orton Gillingham Methodology.

Warm and comforting environment

We welcome every student and make it clear we value each one of them. A “good morning” is our way to start the day and not just a bell ringing.

Safety and Security

At Journey, we have a Dean of Safety and Security. Student safety is paramount to us—both in the school and our entire campus perimeter.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is designed to engage students through real life problems. It provides longer lasting retention of subject matter.

STEAM Curriculum

We feature STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to fully provide the student with a well rounded education. We partner with “Project Lead the Way.”

Tailored Learning

We customize our teaching to your child’s strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Each child learns differently, we do not force planned rigid lessons on them, we individualize their teaching to them.

College Readiness

90% of our students attend college. Some to the most prestigious in the United States.

Global School

Some of our students come from around the world. Think how beneficial it would be if your child understood our world from the view of their best friend from China or Europe?

Holistic Education

At Journey, we look at your child as a “whole person” and not just their academic achievements. We consider their emotions, their social functions, their strengths and weaknesses. The sum is greater than the parts.


Each day every child takes a few minutes to meditate. We follow a new National program that reduces stress, increases cognitive development, balances their lives and improves their readiness to learn.


Journey has joined one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the Country. What child doesn’t want to compete in computer gaming with other schools? In the first six months alone, there are already 450 schools in the Nation participating.


All students at Journey will receive a laptop computer using the Linux based Chrome OS system, making all classes interactive.

Infinite Campus

Another new program at Journey. It connects the parent, teacher and student. Highly confidential, each portal provides valuable information on your child—academic, social well-being, history and more.

Leadership Skills

Journey teaches our students how to become a leader. Their future life will be constantly changing and being a leader can be the difference between success and failure.

Our Reading Programs

Language Arts Curriculum

Enhanced Reading Program

OG Reading Program

OG-based Methodologies

Elementary and Middle School Reading Program

High School Enhanced Program

50 Cherry Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735

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